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removex offers car shipping to South Africa, with our trustworthy shipping service you will have the guarantee that your vehicle will arrive at the destination on the right time.


How we ship a car to South Africa?

Our professional’s team at removex take the greatest of care whilst loading your car at our warehouse. We roll the car into the container via our special dock levellers and then secure your vehicle into the container using special ratchet straps. The wheels are also locked into position using wooden chocks.


Our car shipping department will provide you with the information and direct you to the right document required for each particular destination also, removex can book the pick up your car if you can't take it to the departure port yourself.  Our car shipping team will complete a pre-shipment condition report, isolate the battery, and strategically look secure the car. Relocating your vehicle with our services is easy and affordable. 


Car Shipping destinations in South Africa: 

We will provide you with friendly budget for shipping your car to South Africa via Cape Town, Durban, East London, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and Pretoria, form a Ro-Ro Service (Roll on Roll off) to a dedicated container service.  Our car shipping service is designed to ensure that transportation of your vehicle is easy and stress free.

removex vehicle shipping is carried out door to port within 6-10 weeks after collection to the majority of destinations Worldwide.


You can request a free quote for your car shipping service to South Africa or other 200 countries. removex is safe, reliable, timely and inexpensive.  


Before enquire about your Car Shipping to South Africa have the following details with you:


  • Location of vehicle

  • Year of the car to be shipped

  • Make and model

  • Destination country.










REMOVEX also Ship:

Motor vehicles

Vans / Pickups


Golf Carts

4 Wheelers / Go-Carts


Some others of the popular detinations we ship vihecles include:








removex is the only car shipping & auto transport company that you need. 
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