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About REMOVEX Storage 


REMOVEX Personal Storage. Our storage facilities are located in London either in NW2, SW19 , N17 or N1,


REMOVEX has a number of storage facilities across London to improve the accessibility for our clients and to ensure that the travelling distance for crews and our clients is kept to a minimum.


REMOVEX Storage Facilities offers a wide range of storage spaces suitable for personnel or business storage requirements. 


REMOVEX Storage options are a cost effective way of storing items either long term or short term with discount rates the longer you stay in storage.


REMOVEX offers either a containerised storage solution or a self-storage solution ensuring that you have the storage option that meets your requirements.  


REMOVEX Storage Information 


REMOVEX Containerised Storage option is based on a storage container with a volume of 250 cuft a similar size space to a 25 Sqft unit at a self-storage facility at a discount rate.


REMOVEX Containerised storage 


What can I store?


With REMOVEX you can store a range of items apart from the items listed on our Hazardous goods form.  So this means you can store with REMOVEX all your household furniture, office equipment, archive storage and even your cuddly toys.


How much does storage cost?


REMOVEX has very competitive storage prices with discounted rates the longer you stay.  We offer a minimum storage rental of 1 x week and charge clients per day thereafter so there isn’t a minimum storage contract of a month like most storage facilities and you can be assured that you will only be charged for the exact amount of time used.  iMOVEX invoices clients either a month in advance, 6 Months in advance (Bi-Annually) or 12 Months in advance (Annually) with any unused storage days being credited back to the client in full. 


Do you offer any discounts?


At REMOVEX we offer clients with a number of discounts ranging from 10% discount off containers depending the number of containers used, Discounts off removal services into storage and discounts off removals out of storage.  Additionally if you can find a storage option which is like for like and cheaper than our storage option we will try to match or even better the price for you.


How safe and secure are my belongings at iMOVEX?


REMOVEX takes safety and security of our clients belongings as high priority.  All of our storage facilities comes with 24hr CCTV and 24hr security as standard.  Additionally REMOVEX offers clients liability coverage from £100 to £20,000 as standard for peace of mind to our clients.  With most self-storage facilities Liability coverage is an extra most clients have to pay for on top of the storage rentals which is another reason why REMOVEX is the company to store with. 


Access to REMOVEX Storage facilities 

removex asks clients to provide 3 x working days’ notice (Monday to Friday) for storage access and vacating in order for us to process the warehouse order sheet to ensure that your storage containers are made available upon arrival.  Access to your storage containers are only from Monday to Friday only. 


How do I transport my goods into storage?


REMOVEX can provide you with either a Courier Service, Man & Van Service, Removal Service with packing to take your items into storage based on a fixed or hourly rate price.  With REMOVEX we also can provide clients with the cost of the move out of storage to ensure that all prices are transparent and clear throughout and for peace of mind. REMOVEX also provides dust sheets and silica gel sachets to provide even more protection to your items.


Who packs my goods?


REMOVEX can offer you one of two options either we can provide you with the packaging materials for you to pack your items or alternatively we will send a fully trained packing team to pack your items.  REMOVEX also provides clients with individual labels and a copy of the inventory for all of the items collected. 


Do you sell boxes & packaging materials?


REMOVEX has a wide range of packaging materials suitable for all items in the home and office from Archive boxes, Tea Chest Cartons, Wardrobe Cartons, Bicycle Cartons and bubble wrap.


REMOVEX Also has high street outlets in Kings Cross & Russell square for clients to buy materials and arrange for next day deliveries if required.


REMOVEX can provide a next day delivery service for clients in Mainland UK and possible same day material deliveries within the M25 London. 




REMOVEX No. 4666

Store safe and secure your belongings at REMOVEX



Your Storage 

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