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1 - 60 cubic ft³ 


61 - 700 cubic ft³ 



 20ft - 40ft - 40ft HC 




Our Removex Sea freight services are our most cost effective way of transporting your consignment internationally.  No matter if its personal effects, furniture or office equipment we offer a sea freight service to the majority of costal countries in the World.  Whether you only have 1 box to a full container load we would be able to provide you with a competitive price.


Removex offer three different types of Sea Freight packages which are listed below:


  • Removex Excess Baggage Shipments: from 1 – 60 cuft (15 x 4 cuft boxes (boxes + luggages

  • Removex Groupage Shipments: from 61 – 700 cuft (boxes + luggages + Furniture)

  • Removex Dedicated Container Shipments: 20ft + 40ft + 40ft HC Containers (Household goods + cars)


In order to receive the most up to date rates please contact one of our team members.


Due to the fact that we only use reputable agents for Sea Freight services you can be assured that your consignment will be handled and shipped carefully ensuring that your consignment is received at your destination safely.  


With Sea Freight consignments we are unable to provide you with tracking for this service but you will be provided with the details of the destination agent as well as the container number, shipping vessel name as well as the estimated arrival date at port of the shipping vessel to ensure that you are kept in the loop.  Additionally if required you can always contact one of our team members for an update on your consignment throughout the process.


Sea Freight is the most cost effective way to transport items around the World which is evident as around 89% of the Worlds cargo gets transported by sea. At any one time there are an estimated 20 million shipping containers on the ocean transporting a range of items from food to cars.









Removex Shipping is the greenest way to mass transport items around the World. Shipping is less damaging to the World environment in terms of greenhouse gases than transporting via plane or truck.  

sea freight services
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