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Crate Hire Service

removex offers a crate and equipment hire services to assist with office and commercial removals.  We provide a service where the crates can be delivered prior to the removal and collected post removal.


As standard the minimum rental period for crates and equipment is 7 x days with a daily charge per item thereafter.  As standard to working within the minimum rental period we look to provide the crates and equipment 3 days before the removal and collect the crates 3 days after the removal.


Lidded Security Crate:                       600mm x 415mm x 600mm

Lidded Computer Crate:                    590mm x 550mm x 600mm

Standard Crate:                                 600mm x 415mm x 330mm

Lidded Metre Crate:                          1060mm x 420mm x 287mm

Metre Crate:                                      1060mm x 420mm x 287mm


Security Roll Cages:

Rubber Top Skates:

Sack Barrows:          


  • Lidded Security Crate is ideal for archive folders and documents that are confidential.  removex will also offer with each crate a unique numbered seal to ensure no tampering and peace of mind throughout the removal.

  • Lidded Computer Crate is ideal for the transportation of computer monitors and accessories from one location to another.

  • Standard Crate is ideal for other office miscellaneous that is not confidential and doesn’t require security.

  • Lidded Metre Crate is ideal for books and papers that can be sealed for extra protection.

  • Metre Crate is ideal for books and papers.

  • Security Roll Cage is ideal for transporting various shaped items in a secure way holding up to a maximum of 500KG per cage as standard.

  • Rubber Top Skates ideal for transporting stacked crates around the office with easy movability taking the strain off the lift.

  • Sack Barrows are ideal for transporting boxes and crates from one location to another.  It assists with moving a number of items around at the same time. 


For more details about the charges please contact one of our team members in the office.


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