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Packing Materials


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We also offer professional packing and unpacking services and residential storage services. Whether you are in a studio flat in London or a four bedroom house in South Kensington, removex is your smart solution!

At REMOVEX moving as easy as 1 2 3.

Whether you’re relocating to the next block or across city. Parking regulations, building restrictions, and traffic congestion in London can all add to the stress of your move. This is where removex comes in. Our professional movers have a process in place to ensure your move happens as smoothly as possible.

'' Moving day is looming and you realise that you can't put off the packing any longer. Have you got enough boxes? What about those breakables and family heirlooms? Think ahead and reduce the potential for disaster on moving day ''

Although the reasons for moving home are usually positive, like moving to a larger property or a new job, the move itself can be traumatic. Use our tips to make the move go smoothly.

Moving House

Crate Hire!

removex offers a crate and equipment hire services to assist with office and commercial removals.  We provide a service where the crates can be delivered prior to the removal and collected post removal.

REMOVEX Moving Service

removex is most reliable and Cheap London Removals Company. We are a King’s Cross-based moving company, serving London city and the UK. We save you time, money, and headaches by offering a flat rate pricing system.

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Packing Materials

removex offers a large range of packaging materials to suit all objects found in the home and office. From providing an extensive range of 2 ply boxes to bubble wrap and specialised television boxes you can be assured that we have the choices available to meet your requirements.



removex has the assurance that all the materials that we supply are of the highest quality.  If for any reason a client is not 100% happy with the materials supplied we offer the guarantee that we would offer you either to exchange materials and if required will refund you for any materials that you do not use.



removex can provides tailored packing material bundles to assist you with the basics for the average 1, 2 and 3 bedroom properties to get you started with your removal process.  If you are unsure about the materials that you would require please contact us either via Phone, Email or Skype and one of our team members will assist you with the choices available to you.  The removex material bundles work out cheaper on average than paying for materials individually.



removex offers a free delivery service of materials purchased with a value greater than £25 within the London (M25) and nationally with a value greater than £50 as standard. With all materials ordered lower than those values then there is a basic charge of £10 + VAT within mainland UK.



removex is dedicated in ensuring that all packing material supplies purchased through us are delivered within the shortest timescale as possible.  All material deliveries will be made within 72 hours of being purchased guaranteed.  If materials are delivered outside of this timescale then as standard all clients will receive an automatic 20% discount off the material cost and if any delivery charges were added they will be waivered. We can also offer if required materials delivered within 48 hours, 24 hours and even same day deliveries depending on the delivery address.



Like our service we try to offer the highest possible quality to all and in every aspect of our business. The removex way.

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Removal Tips


Prior to Removal


  • Create a plan / checklist – Link to PDF checklist

  • Identify Removal date(s) + Time & Date you will receive keys

  • Identify item(s) to be moved

  • Book site survey / removal – Link to request a site survey

  • Book removal(s)

  • Book time off work

  • Owner Packed (order Materials + Bits Box) – Link to Materials

  • Organise parking Suspension collection + delivery address – Link to London boroughs

  • Book cleaners for moving from address – Link to other services

  • Clearly label each item to remain in the property or items to take

  • Ensure that you have all keys / documents / valuables in separate location from items to be moved


Removal Day


  • Leave it to the professionals

  • Ensure that you have an idea of where your furniture items are to be placed in new property


Post Removal


  • Ensure that everything is to satisfaction

  • Fill out the crew and office performance form and send back via email with any additional comments if any

  • (If Required) Book a debris collection of packaging materials




Sensible Packing

Spend some time considering how you are going to pack your possessions. Books are easy but heavy, valuables need careful wrapping and will take time, and some furniture may need to be dismantled. 


  • Start early. Packing always takes longer than anticipated, particularly when you start reminiscing over old photographs stored in the attic or you realise that you need to dismantle the wardrobe to get it downstairs. 

  • Begin at the top of the house and move downwards. If you have an attic, it's a good idea to sort it out first. 

  • Always pack heavy items in small boxes. It will make transporting them easier. Also, keep the weight of all boxes to a minimum to avoid any back injuries. 

  • Pack one room at a time, clearly labelling each box with details of its contents and the room to which it belongs. Clearly label boxes that contain breakables and also those that are load-bearing and can be stacked in the van. 

  • Keep all boxes for each room together. This will save time unpacking. 

  • It may sound obvious but pack heavier items on the bottom of the box and lighter items on top. 

  • Wrap items individually and place in a box that's been lined with several layers of newspaper and a sheet of bubble wrap. Any breakables should also be wrapped in bubble wrap. Use clean tissue or wrapping paper for the first layer to prevent newspaper print leaving marks. Pillows and blankets are also useful for wrapping valuables and protecting furniture prone to dents and scratches. 

  • Pack important documents together, such as birth and marriage certificates, and keep them in a safe place.


DIY Removals

If you're moving your belongings yourself, start by hiring the right van - too small and you may need to make a few journeys, too big and you may have problems parking. It's often cheaper to book vans on weekdays. But if you move at the weekends you may be able to make the most of special two-day hire rates.


Call us at REMOVEX

 We will relieve all the stress of the big move.

We can pack or you can do the packing yourself but leave the heavy stuff to us. 


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