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Step by step

removex:  Our mission and aim is to provide a one stop shop for all logistical and relocation needs for the public and commercial World. No matter how small or big the removal we aim to provide in depth and knowledgeable service throughout at each stage meeting our client requirements.


removex has knowledgeable and dedicated staff to ensure that our clients receive the service that they require from start to finish. Knowledge is key to ensuring that the planning and application of the services that we provide are carried our effectively and efficiently.


removex looks at its clients as people rather than a client number or an amount of money as the key to our success within the industry is ensuring that we receive recommendations and referrals.  We as a company don’t want to buy our way to the top we want to earn our way to the top in a self-sustainable fashion.


We have set up this company to be different and to provide the public and business World with an alternative to the companies already out there.


Our aim is to exceed your expectations by ensuring that you are in the right hands! 


Move the removex way!



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