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Shipping and Removals to



From the UK to Switzerland and back!



Shipping to Switzerland with REMOVEX has been taken to a whole new level.


We are able to ship anything from a couple small boxes to the entire contents of a house or offices, to be delivered from door to door no matter the country. Our vehicles are fully equipped for whatever you have to send no matter the fragility. We provided a full packing and unpacking service as well as a full dismantle and reassemble services, our experienced and skilled staff can pack anything.



If you’re planning any move in the future to Switzerland then why not send in an enquiry today, with our friendly, knowledgeable team we will be sure to give you the best quote out there. Included in our service is the Customs clearance, this is where we help you with all the necessary documentation and paperwork to make the process easier on you.



Why choose our shipping and removals to Switzerland?


  • removex cover a vast shipping destination cities in Switzerland such as:  Zürich, Geneva, Basel, Lausanne, Bern, Winterthur and more…

  • We also have Air Freight and Road Freight Shipping to Switzerland

  • Our company provide you with trouble-free haulage to Switzerland - or back to the UK.

  • We can offer guaranteed timed pick-ups and deliveries

  • Our Cargo Insurance / Freight Insurance will cover the goods for the full value declared and will not be subject to the limitation of a carrier's bill of lading


Shipping and removals to Switzerland has never been easier plus we guarantee quality services!



REMOVEX is an International Association of Movers (IAM) member which means we are globally recognised removal and shipping company by the largest international trade association in the industry.

With our enhanced insurance options we can cover your goods no matter what value.

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